We have finally started, we are waiting for you on the beautiful slopes of the cross-country center of Lago di Tesero.
We are open every day from 9.00 to 17.00.

This year as well, the Trentino Ski Instructors Association, in collaboration with ski resort societies and ski equipment rentals,
invites you to the Free Ski Day – Inclusivity Edition on December 16t.

A unique opportunity to learn to ski with the expert Ski Instructors from Trentino.
A special event open to all cross-country ski enthusiasts, without level distinctions, in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.


We want to offer you a unique experience…
…let you enjoy the magic of snow without stress.

The magnificent surroundings for Nordic skiing make it the perfect place to “disconnect” and find
peace and quiet away from the daily routine.

Elixir for physical and mental health.
There are no traumatic and sudden movements. Naturally flowing gestures makes them easy for

If you have never worn skis before, or if you do not feel particularly confident, a few lessons with
a professional is the best choice: learning the correct technique is essential to fully enjoy the many
benefits of the sport.


5 best reasons to start Nordic skiing

● A sport accessible to any age and any level.
● Benefits for physical and mental health.
● Surrounded by nature.
● Comfortable and light equipment.
● Affordable on a small budget.